Data Hygiene Process Guide

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Building a Data Hygiene Process

Don't go it alone. Work with Coastal to implement a long-term plan for data hygiene in HubSpot and Salesforce.

1 | Establish Ownership

Before we dive in, we'll make sure we know who on your team is owning the policy and who's calling the shots.

2 | Legal Considerations

Because we can't give legal advice, we'll work with the people that can! We'll guide your legal team through the data hygiene considerations and determine their requirements before getting started.

3 | Process Design

HubSpot and Salesforce can get pretty messy. We'll do an audit of your account and identify all of the areas needing a data hygiene cleanup. Then, we'll design the cleanup plan!

4 | Process Implementation

Once the team has signed off, we'll go through a two-step cleanup process. First, we'll clean up everything that's messy. Then, we'll implement automation and create process documentation to keep your database clean long term.

5 | Training & Handoff

After we've built a strong foundation and planned for maintenance, we'll train your data operations team to keep the cleanliness going long term.

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The Creator Behind the Guide

Lauren works in HubSpot & Salesforce every day and has tackled the messiest of data hygiene challenges. Benefit from her data battle scars and save time with this guide.