3 Workflows to Implement for the HubSpot Salesforce Integration

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3 Workflows to Implement in HubSpot

Here are the 3 challenges this guide will help you solve.

1 | Managing Marketing Contact Volume

This workflow will help you keep your marketing contact volume under control. Marketing contacts are the billable contacts in your HubSpot account. This is an important challenge to solve as it directly impacts the long-term cost of HubSpot.

2 | Identifying Leads and Contacts in HubSpot

Salesforce uses Leads and Contacts for contact information, and HubSpot syncs Contacts with both Leads and Contacts in Salesforce. For marketers that need to report on or track if a HubSpot Contact is a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, having an easy way to distinguish the difference is essential.

3 | Linking to Salesforce Records from HubSpot Notifications

The Salesforce URL for Leads and Contacts is not natively stored in a property in HubSpot. Many marketers want to send notification emails to non-HubSpot users with a direct link to a Salesforce record.

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