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The Best Integrations for HubSpot + Salesforce Sales Enablement

Any sales team knows how much admin work they need to do even before they jump on a call with a lead. Not to mention the follow-up tasks that come up after the call.

In sales, time is crucial. So if you want to increase your revenue or grow your business in any way, the first thing you need to consider is your sales to-do list. 

If you’re familiar with Coastal Consulting, you’ll know we fully believe in the power of sales enablement. And, one of the easiest ways to start optimizing your sales processes is fully integrating your tech stack with HubSpot and Salesforce. 

From call tools to data cleansing, these are, in our opinion, the best integrations for HubSpot + Salesforce sales enablement.

The Top Integrations for HubSpot + Salesforce Sales Enablement

Kixie - seamless call integration with HubSpot

One of the points we drive home by using HubSpot + Salesforce is the fact that having everything in one place makes your processes easier than jumping around from one platform to the next.

We realize that calls are integral to your sales team’s job. And thankfully, HubSpot integrations include call management directly from the CRM. 

Our favorite call (and texting) integration for HubSpot is Kixie, a sales enablement tool that makes it possible for sales teams to:

  • Call prospects or customers directly from a phone or computer.
  • Record meetings and attach call recordings to a contact record within HubSpot or Salesforce.
  • Use call recordings as learning & coaching opportunities to improve performance.
  • Report on sales productivity.
  • Use workflow actions in HubSpot to trigger outbound calls for a sales rep when a new inbound lead comes in — a priceless feature for decreasing speed to lead.

Kixie’s top features include voice & SMS automation, meaning you can use HubSpot workflows to autodial or send text messages the second a lead takes action — like fill a form or request more information. Additionally, you get ring groups, call transfer, a virtual receptionist, and voicemail, all within HubSpot.

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Insycle - the best way to deduplicate records in HubSpot & Salesforce

One of the most common problems with the HubSpot Salesforce integration is duplicated data between the platforms. Your team needs clean data to identify prospects and move them along the pipeline accurately. So duplicated data interferes with the effectiveness of your CRM, making a data hygiene policy a must for any sales team

At Coastal Consulting, our team uses Insycle as part of our data hygiene processes. It makes the entire process much smoother, allowing you to deduplicate your contacts in bulk: Just explore existing values, identify the inconsistencies, and then standardize data between the platforms. Easy peasy.

Insycle is also GDPR compliant, which is the most rigid data protection law. So rest assured that any data within your system is secure.

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Fireflies - meeting transcription and recording with the biggest meeting platforms

If you’ve ever jotted down a bunch of notes and later struggled to figure out what the heck you wrote, you’re not alone.

Taking notes during calls is a foolproof way to remember important information about your customers and their needs. It’s also priceless for your company as listening to prospects gives you an in-depth understanding of who they are and what they value. Which can help shape your services, drive your messaging, and improve your marketing.

A transcription tool makes note-taking easy and way more accurate than most of us would be at taking manual notes. 

At Coastal, we love the HubSpot Fireflies integration for meeting transcripts & recording. Fireflies records your meeting and automatically adds it to your contact record’s timeline. Storing the data directly within your contact’s record makes for a frictionless handoff as your lead moves through the pipeline.

Another feature we love is that Fireflies creates follow-up tasks after your meeting to ensure your sales reps don’t miss a thing.

By using Fireflies, your reps can stay focused on what leads have to say instead of scrambling to jot down what they said.

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Leverage HubSpot Integrations to make your sales reps’ jobs easier

Research shows that your sales team spends roughly 35% of their time actually selling. The rest is a mix of admin, meetings, and other random activities. Using the bulk of their time to keep things tidy stunts your ability to generate revenue opportunities and grow your business.

Thankfully, HubSpot integrations are exactly what you need to free your sales reps’ time to engage prospects and get deals closed.

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