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Work with our team to implement HubSpot, integrate Salesforce, and design a RevOps strategy to help your team scale.

HubSpot Salesforce Integration

Installing and managing the HubSpot Salesforce integration is trickier than it looks. Whether you're integrating for the first time or you've inherited a mess - we're here to help!

HubSpot Implementation

Using HubSpot is easy. Implementing HubSpot with a focus on the full customer journey can be a challenge. Try a people-first implementation (that your team will love!)


Creating HubSpot and Salesforce Experts

"We contracted Coastal Consulting to migrate our marketing automation system over to HubSpot. Their team handled every part of the migration from start to finish, which allowed us to continue our work with no downtime in our campaigns. We have continued to work with the Coastal team as HubSpot consultant partners. They are very knowledgeable and every time I have gone to them with a question, they provide a thorough answer promptly. They are able to walk through multiple solutions so that we can choose the best path for our business. Coastal Consulting will set you up for success."
"The expertise and confidence they bring to data management, marketing automation, systems alignment, and processes is unmatched. Whether a system makeover or ongoing data management and automation support, I trust the job will be done in the most optimal way. They educate your team along the way as they implement best practices. Highly recommend."
"Lauren and team brought HubSpot & Salesforce experience to Allurion as we migrated CRM systems over the past year. Professional and reliable, the team works efficiently to keep the project up to date. So even over multiple time zones, we could manage the project."
"Coastal is the marketing operations partner I've always been looking for. After migrating to HubSpot and having a slightly tumultuous time at first, finding the team at Coastal was like finding my own pot of gold. The entire team, helmed by Lauren, is helpful, understanding, and experienced. Our company has a ~unique~ situation when it comes to Salesforce and HubSpot and Lauren didn't even bat an eye. Every time I reach out for help, she is gracious and so very helpful (no matter how much heads up I've given her and her team). I truly feel like Coastal is an extension of our team. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced partner in Salesforce, HubSpot, and general marketing operations activities."
"Lauren and her team have helped tremendously to make sure that our data and automation worked exactly how they should! As a Sales Development Manager, she helped onboard new SDRs and made them feel like experts during their onboarding and training, which has taken the stress of training those systems away from me. Coastal consulting also helps implement strategies that have accelerated our growth even faster! I can't recommend enough!"
"I've worked with a lot of agencies in the past and there's always a certain level of dependency that continues after you've parted ways. The thing I liked most about Lauren and Tristan is how well they explained things - every improvement was met with a Loom video that gave you context and clarity, so you felt as if you were gaining an education as well as a solid, professional working relationship. What the team doesn't know about HubSpot is (probably literally) not worth knowing. Their expert insight continues to be invaluable and we're already seeing the fruits of our collective efforts just a few weeks in. If you want a personable, friendly, and knowledgable team, look no further."

How to Work with Coastal

A look at the end-to-end process when you partner with us.

Working with Coastal Consulting
Working with Coastal Consulting

Initial Chat

To get started, schedule a chat with our team. We'll meet for 15-25 minutes to see if we're a good fit for the problems you're looking to solve.

Who to invite?

  • Project Owner
  • Marketing or Sales Leadership


Define the Scope

After we've established that we're a strong fit, we'll schedule 45 minutes to chat through the specifics of your implementation or integration repair.

Who to invite?

  • CRM Administrator
  • Project Owner
  • Marketing or Sales Leadership

Review the Statement of Work

Now that we have a good understanding of what you're looking for, we'll send over a quote for your review. Your team can review the line items and evaluate the defined scope against your needs and budget. 

What will be included?

  • Line item view of the work to be done
  • Pricing
  • Contract terms (payment, delivery timeline)

Project Kickoff

Once the contract is signed, we'll schedule a 45 minute kickoff call. 


  1. Introductions
  2. Project Overview
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Learning & Development

Who should attend?

  • CRM Administrator
  • Project Owner
  • Marketing or Sales Leadership


Get to Work

The team will get to work on the scope we've defined and keep you informed along the way.

We'll schedule weekly check-ins with your team and update you on progress via our project management tool.

Who will be doing the work?

Lauren Ryan, assisted by Sara Kennedy.


Certified Salesforce and HubSpot Partners

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