HubSpot’s INBOUND 2022 is back and better than ever. From workshops to spotlight sessions to a number of featured speakers like President Barack Obama, (Guys, President Barack Obama!) Viola Davis, and Dr. Jane Goodall, this promises to be an event packed with inspiration.

You can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. What’s new from HubSpot? What new insights will we learn this year? What new features will HubSpot announce? How can we take what we learn and use it to help our clients and customers succeed?

Here are a few of HubSpot’s new product updates they are working on and announced at #INBOUND22 this morning…

  1. Connected Customer, Connected Platform, and Connected Applications. Oh My!

The main theme this year is connection. 

The new narrative focuses on the concept that a connected customer is a powerful way to grow a business. 

A connected platform where you can connect all your data and systems through the only commerce-powered CRM platform. Cut costs and complexity, and delight customers with the ability to transact when and where they want. 

The connected applications enable you to delight customers with a connected, customized experience so they feel known and valued from awareness to advocacy. Drive deeper connections with customers and more growth for you through unparalleled experiences designed around their needs, not your metrics -- all while reducing your costs. Spend less time, money, and resources connecting your data and systems with a crafted, all-on-one CRM Platform.

  1. How Do You Manage Payment Schedules?

HubSpot is placing a big emphasis on Commerce and Payments. Now LIVE and available in Quotes, Payment Schedule allows merchants selling services to break down a large bill into a series of installments, each with their own due date, amount, and name.

  1. Improve Your Data Quality and Management

You don’t have to be a data junkie to get excited about the list of improvements HubSpot is making when it comes to Data Quality and Management. These improvements will not only position HubSpot as a top contender for mid-market organizations to adopt as their CRM of choice, but they prioritize and enable cleaner import. 

  1. Powerful New Product Features

HubSpot always delights when it comes to new product updates announced at INBOUND and this year exceeded expectations. 

Connect. Connected. Connection. To help users do all three, HubSpot is introducing several new features. One thing you quickly learn about HubSpot is, they consistently improve, invent, and implement solutions to help their users grow better. 

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