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How we implemented HubSpot's Enterprise Growth Suite for The Goodlife Institute

The Goodlife Institute is a wellness company that provides coaching services for women in executive and leadership positions. Goodlife Institute’s signature program, Corporate Women Unleashed, gives women the tools they need to achieve their ambitions without sacrificing their personal lives.

The Goodlife Institute is a woman-owned business with a team of 12 extraordinary individuals who work with high-achieving women to make work-life balance not only achievable but the new status quo.

Thus far, hundreds of women have worked their way through Corporate Women Unleashed and transformed their lives and careers beyond their wildest expectations. 

Here’s how they worked with Coastal Consulting to move from many systems to HubSpot.

The Brief

Streamlining Goodlife Institute’s Marketing Technology Stack

Streamlining Goodlife Institute's Marketing Technology

The Goodlife Insitute team was using 31 different tools as part of their Martech stack. This meant 31 different logins, subscriptions, and systems to learn for the team. The complexity escalated quickly.

Additionally, operational costs (aka, time spent learning, developing, implementing, and switching from different tools) kept rising as new tools were adopted.

And finally, such a complex Martech stack meant that information was fragmented and no one had a full-picture view of the company’s data, which is essential for accurate reporting and true sales-marketing alignment.

Coastal Consulting stepped in to streamline Goodlife Institute’s marketing, sales, and customer service via a HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite implementation.

The Challenges

System Integration Map

System Integration Map

Outline demonstrating which tools are used, how they contribute to the organization, and how they can either integrate with or be replaced by HubSpot.

The Goals

Defining success for this partnership.


Bring marketing, sales, and coaching together

Unifying the processes would mean simpler onboarding processes, increased adoption, and streamlined operations.


Consolidate reporting

Not only would this free up the team’s time — but it’d also allow them to gain a clear picture of ROI, course delivery, and campaign effectiveness.


Implement automation

Using automation would ensure that all steps in the sales and course delivery processes ran smoothly.

The Partnership

How we partnered with Goodlife Institute for a successful implementation.

HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite implementation

HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite implementation

The HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite includes HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations Hubs. An exciting challenge — and a big undertaking we were excited to help Goodlife Institute navigate.

Platform migration

Platform migration

While there was no way to bring all 31 platforms’ functionalities to HubSpot, we did manage to replace 12 existing tools, including Mailchimp, Ontraport, and Zendesk, so the team can seamlessly work from HubSpot.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

We created six robust reporting dashboards that provide a clear picture of HubSpot and Ads platforms to show the holistic organizational performance in revenue and client experience.

Workflow automation

Workflow & task automation

We designed custom automation for everything from workflows and sequences all the way to task management to make sure no appointment is missed and everyone — internally and externally — knows whom they need to talk to and when.

The Results

Success beyond expectations.


days to implement the full HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite


contacts migrated from Mailchimp, Zendesk Sell, and Ontraport


fewer systems in use by migrating to HubSpot — thus reducing the cost of numerous apps, including Zapier


reporting dashboards were created to consolidate data from HubSpot and Ad platforms

Dashboard Reporting in HubSpot

HubSpot Sales Dashboard Reporting

Allowed customers to get the right communications and the right time.

Commission Reporting in HubSpot

Sales Commission Reporting

Custom formulas and reports created to calculate commission for sales reps.

Our Impact

We implemented the HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite and migrated the team off of Mailchimp, Ontraport, and Zendesk.

After consolidating systems and implementing HubSpot, we designed automation using the HubSpot Workflows and Sequence tools to streamline the handoff between the sales and coaching team. Now, each team member knows whom to talk to next and what is next on their plate.

We also created task management automation so that nothing falls through the cracks in the sales and coaching process for all internal teams. We tied these tasks directly to the contact in HubSpot, so all data is visible in one platform instead of having to switch between systems to accomplish assigned tasks.

The custom-built workflows deliver key communications and reminders to clients so they never miss an appointment and course content is delivered on time to each enrollee.

With robust reporting, the Goodlife Institute can stay on top of their Ad spend, customer acquisition costs, and sales performance all directly from HubSpot.

Looking Forward

How do we steer the ship moving forward?

We will continue to stay on top of the most advanced solutions that will help the Goodlife Institute team help more women own their worth and accomplish their goals. We provided documentation and training for the team to use to stay on top of their systems and onboard future users. The future looks bright for the Goodlife Institute team as they continue to grow with HubSpot.

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About Goodlife Institute

Founded by Kathleen Byars after a life-changing experience with burnout, Goodlife Institute offers coaching for high-achieving women who strive to live an impactful life without sacrificing their ambitions or their family in their pursuit.

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