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Bang the Table Grew to be Acquired by Granicus, Optimized by Coastal Consulting

Bang the Table was born in Australia and founded on a deep passion for helping public leaders forge constructive relationships with their residents and stakeholders. Bang the Table’s online engagement platform, EngagementHQ, is being used by over 850 organizations worldwide, empowering well over 17 million people with an easy and secure way to participate and inform critical decision-making online.

Granicus connects governments with the people they serve by providing the public sector's first and only civic engagement platform. Over 5,500 federal, state, and local government agencies and more than 250 million citizen subscribers power an unmatched Subscriber Network that turns government missions into quantifiable results. With comprehensive cloud-based solutions for communications, government website design, meeting and agenda management software, records management, and digital services, Granicus empowers stronger relationships between government and residents across the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. By simplifying interactions with residents while disseminating critical information, Granicus brings governments closer to the people they serve—driving meaningful change for communities around the globe.

The Story

How Jess found Coastal and mastered HubSpot and Salesforce.

May 2020

When Jess Went Coastal

Jess shares... "We are seeking a Salesforce administrator to work roughly 10+ hours a week, depending on project cycle. We are changing marketing automation platforms to HubSpot and someone that has worked through installation or use of Hubspot would bring value to our team."

May 2020
June 2020

Implementing & Integrating

As they tackled the HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation and Salesforce + HubSpot integration, Jess quickly learned that Lauren was different. Finally, she found a partner she could trust. Lauren quickly became her second brain, problem solver, and secret weapon.

June 2020
March 2021

To Sales Hub and Beyond

After implementing Marketing Hub, Jess quickly saw how the efficiencies in HubSpot would benefit the Sales and Account Management teams at her organization. With Lauren's guidance, Jess implemented Sales Hub and revolutionized how her team served its customers.

March 2021
August 2021

The Next Chapter

In 2021, Bang the Table was acquired and partnered with Coastal to support migrating the technology and Global teams into Granicus' systems.

August 2021

The Challenges

A look at the challenges Jess needed to solve.

The Goals

Defining success for this partnership.


Untangle Salesforce

Redesign Salesforce page layouts and processes and improve data accuracy.


Migrate from Pardot to HubSpot

Get the right tools in place to help us achieve our goals and drive results.


Align Processes and Systems

Align the Global teams around a singular process and implement automation.


Marketing as a Revenue Engine

Implement attribution reporting to demonstrate marketing's value in growing the business.

The Partnership

How we partnered with Bang the Table to drive results.

Untangle Salesforce

Salesforce Clean Up

Untangled Salesforce, implemented record types, designed extensive automation, and trained the Global Account Management and Sales teams on the new process.

Pardot Migration

Pardot Migration

Gathered all relevant landing pages, emails, and automations from Pardot and migrated them to HubSpot.

Marketing Hub Implementation

HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise Implementation

Implemented Marketing Hub Enterprise to open the door for EASY marketing management and unlock career-changing attribution metrics.

HubSpot Salesforce Integration

HubSpot Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and HubSpot weren't the only systems in the tech stack. We integrated Intercom, Outreach, HubSpot, and Salesforce to create system alignment.

HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation

HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise Implementation

Once you get a taste of HubSpot, it's hard to resist growing in the platform. We implemented Sales Hub Enterprise to unlock sequences, meeting links, and quotes for the Global Sales team.

HubSpot Salesforce Reports

Dashboards & Reporting

Reports are not one-size-fits-all. We developed dashboards and reports in HubSpot and Salesforce customized for the Executive, Marketing, Sales, and Account Management team.

HubSpot Salesforce Playbook

HubSpot Salesforce Playbook Development

Misalignment between Sales, Marketing, and Account Management teams is the biggest barrier to success in HubSpot and Salesforce. We designed a robust playbook and Loom library used to train the Global customer-facing teams on all things HubSpot and Salesforce.

HubSpot Salesforce Administrator

HubSpot & Salesforce Administration

After establishing a super-strong foundation, the Coastal team partnered with Bang the Table as the ongoing administrator for HubSpot and Salesforce. Every month, we design new automations, fix bugs, and provide additional training for the Global team!

The Numbers

Success beyond expectations.


in marketing-influenced revenue

A metric they were unable to determine prior to HubSpot


increase in marketing-influenced revenue


increase in email engagement 

(measured by volume of email link clicks)


duplicate records deduplicated

Our Impact

After partnering for the better part of two years, Bang the Table's marketing operations have grown from a series of disparate systems to a globally-aligned, optimized revenue machine. Leveraging HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub Enterprise and Salesforce, their marketing, sales, and account management teams have been able to grow and flourish.

Their growth and alignment contributed to their acquisition in 2021. After the acquisition, Granicus’ Director of Strategic Operations shared that Bang the Table’s Salesforce instance was one of the most optimized they’ve seen making the systems migration far easier than expected.

Looking Forward

Are you ready to ride the Coastal Consulting wave?

Coastal Consulting is currently serving as a migration partner for Granicus + Bang the Table to be the only Salesforce administrator & migration counsel for the Granicus team as they migrate Bang the Table into the Granicus systems.

From the Team

Jess, Christie, and Billy said it best.

Marketing Ops Superstars!

"Lauren and Coastal Consulting have been a huge asset on our journey to implementing HubSpot. We use Marketing and SalesHub with a full HS<>SF integration and there hasn't been a problem she can't tackle. Her work is impeccable and she's made my day-to-day job as a global marketing leader so much easier. Highly recommend for large, complex integrations, system clean up or marketing operation strategy + implementation."

Jess Cameron, VP Marketing
June, 2021

I no longer had to worry.

“Lauren and team took the stress out of detailed marketing and sales automation for our global SaaS company. From data management and automation to troubleshooting and internal team assistance, they confidently managed it all. They are competent and timely. Once we brought them on, I no longer had to worry if things were being done effectively. They came up with great new strategies for better systems and user experience for our sales, marketing, and customer success teams. If you need help with your systems (we use HubSpot and Salesforce) Coastal Consulting is hands down your best solution.”

Christie Cutter, Growth Marketing Manager
August, 2021

Always trust that the job will be done right!

"Lauren and her team have helped tremendously to make sure that our data and automation worked exactly how they should! As a Sales Development Manager, she helped onboard new SDRs and made them feel like experts during their onboarding and training, which has taken the stress of training those systems away from me. Coastal consulting also helps implement strategies that have led to accelerating our growth even faster! I can't recommend enough!"

Billy Trakas, Business Development Manager
September, 2021

About Bang the Table

Bang the Table was born in Australia and founded on a deep passion for helping public leaders forge constructive relationships with their residents and stakeholders. Bang the Table’s online engagement platform, EngagementHQ, is being used by over 850 organizations worldwide, empowering well over 17 million people with an easy and secure way to participate and inform critical decision-making online.

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