How and Why Omni International Stopped Using the Salesforce Lead Object

Omni International, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of laboratory homogenizers. Omni sets the industry standard with an unmatched commitment to outstanding product design, reliable performance, and a uniquely diversified solution-based product line.

Here's how Coastal Consulting worked with the Omni International team to better serve their customers throughout their lifecycle. We accomplished this by removing the Lead object from Salesforce and leveraging Opportunities for inbound inquiry management

The Brief

Removing the Lead Object and Using Opportunities in the HubSpot Salesforce Integration

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When we met Omni International in June of 2023, the marketing team shared that they had recently migrated from Pardot to HubSpot and were unhappy with their implementation. While the basics were covered, a few things fell through the cracks, specifically around the HubSpot Salesforce integration. 

"We would like to see something created in Salesforce for every form filled out on the website."

- Brittany, during our intro call

While Salesforce traditionally solves for this by creating a new Lead, the Omni International team knew that would create issues down the line. HubSpot does not allow for duplicates with the same email address. So, having duplicate Leads and Contacts in Salesforce was not a scalable or sustainable approach. 

They knew Coastal Consulting advocates using Opportunities and Contacts instead of Leads in Salesforce. So, they partnered with our team to help them streamline operations, optimize reporting, and reimplement their lead intake process.

The Challenges

The Goal

Defining success for the partnership.

Clearly Identify, Address, and Report on Inbound Leads

The Partnership

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Remove the Salesforce Lead Object

Leveraging the Lead object in Salesforce was making it impossible to assign and manage multiple product requests from the same individual without having duplicate records. To solve this challenge, we removed the Lead object from Salesforce and used Contacts and Opportunities for inquiry management. Rather than creating new Leads when forms were submitted, a new opportunity was created and associated to the Contact. 

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Leverage HubSpot for Automated Deal Creation and Assignment

To properly manage inquiry notifications and responses, we built Workflows in HubSpot that triggered when MQL and SQL forms were submitted. These Workflows created Deals in HubSpot (and Opportunities in Salesforce) that contained details on the form submission and the Contact submitting the form.

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Redesign Inbound Assignment Rules

Lead Assignment Rules were used in Salesforce to assign inbound Leads. To accommodate the new Opportunity process, we build a Salesforce Flow to triage and assign inbound Opportunities to either an existing owner or a new, territory-based owner.

The Results

Transitioning from Leads to Opportunities in Salesforce was just the beginning.
Update Integration Settings to Create Contacts

Integration Settings Updated

Once the automations were in place to create Opportunities for each qualified form submission, the settings were changed to create Contacts instead of Leads in Salesforce moving forward.

Reimport Salesforce Opps created today to HubSpot Deals - Contact resyncs to Contact rather than Lead

Data Integrity Maintained

Existing qualified Leads were converted to Contacts and Opportunities in Salesforce as part of the migration. After they were migrated, Contacts in Salesforce resynced with the existing HubSpot record. 

Omni - Salesforce Inclusion List Before & After

HubSpot Inclusion List Optimization

Improved data quality and reliable automation enabled the Omni International team to simplify their inclusion list criteria and 4x the number of records in sync with Salesforce.

Omni - Lifecycle Stage Reporting Before & After

Lifecycle Stage Management

With the new process and automations in place, Omni now knows their conversion rates from Lead to MQL and beyond using HubSpot's Funnel Reporting.

Omni - Process Documentation

Detailed Documentation

The Omni International team left the engagement with personalized documentation enabling them to maintain and update this new process without outside support.

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