HubSpot and Salesforce for SaaS

Scaling SaaS companies with the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

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Trusted by SaaS companies using HubSpot and Salesforce

How We Scale SaaS

Revenue Attribution

Sync subscription data from Salesforce to HubSpot and tie marketing activities to revenue using HubSpot Marketing Attribution reporting.

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SaaS HubSpot Lifecycle Stages

SaaS customers don't fit into the standard HubSpot lifecycle stages. Leverage custom lifecycle stages to fit your business model.

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Customer Churn

Stop losing your hard-earned subscribers. Implement win-back campaigns in HubSpot and reduce customer churn.

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Lifetime Customer Value

Leverage HubSpot and Salesforce to accurately calculate the Lifetime Value (LTV) for your subscribers.

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Work We've Done

Hear from Our Clients

"I've worked with a lot of agencies in the past and there's always a certain level of dependency that continues after you've parted ways. The thing I liked most about Lauren and Tristan is how well they explained things - every improvement was met with a Loom video that gave you context and clarity, so you felt as if you were gaining an education as well as a solid, professional working relationship. What Lauren and Tristan don't know about HubSpot is (probably literally) not worth knowing. Their expert insight continues to be invaluable and we're already seeing the fruits of our collective efforts just a few weeks in. If you want a personable, friendly and knowledgable team, look no further."
"Having approached Coastal Consulting with a typical set of sales/marketing problems it became very clear from the first meeting that we needed to be working with Lauren and her team. Lauren was extremely welcoming and thorough in the initial discovery phases. It was evident that Lauren is a wealth of knowledge and before we had even started working together she was giving up tips and guidance. The process has been unbelievably smooth. Lauren and Tristan are knowledgeable, precise, deliver on time and in a such a structured manner it made things so easy. From the offset there was a shared vision, clear goals and measurable deliverable. The scope of the project has grown as more insight is shared into tools that we aren't but should be using. Regular meetings and interaction kept us up to date and on task. I dont believe theres an area of HubSpot they are not familiar with. Whether your a start up just building out your processes, customer journey, personas and workflows or your a multi million dollar company who are well established but need some help I would highly recommend Lauren and her team! We are still working together and hope to be for a long time. Thank you!!"
"We contracted Coastal Consulting to migrate our marketing automation system over to HubSpot. Their team handled every part of the migration from start to finish, which allowed us to continue our work with no downtime in our campaigns. We have continued to work with the Coastal team as HubSpot consultant partners. They are very knowledgeable and every time I have gone to them with a question, they provide a thorough answer promptly. They are able to walk through multiple solutions so that we can choose the best path for our business. Coastal Consulting will set you up for success."

Scale SaaS with Coastal