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Who Should Get the HubSpot Salesforce Integration Certification

Let's get personal.

I started my career in tradeshow management for an international logistics company. I was 21 and given a sales team to corral for 70+ tradeshows annually.

In case it's not clear, that's no easy task.

On top of managing the sales team's participation, I also had to book the booth, arrange for travel, and build and execute a marketing promotion plan for each event.

A few months into my job I was tasked with creating an email campaign to market to attendees before the show. I was told to use our marketing platform, HubSpot, to do the campaign.

So, I logged into HubSpot Academy and got to work learning how to create a marketing email and how to build a workflow. 

It seemed easy enough. I logged into HubSpot and quickly built a compelling email campaign.

Then it was time to build the list of recipients for the email. 

My manager let me know that we used Salesforce as our primary CRM. The data I needed to email attendees was in Salesforce and I'd need to pull it into HubSpot using the integration.

I scoured the internet for resources on how to do this. On the best way to install the integration. On how to properly manage this integration and get the data I needed in HubSpot the correct way.

It took me days to figure out and I was never fully confident in how it was done.

But I loved the challenge. I was fueled by the ability to connect two databases. So, I took to freelancing and spent hours outside of my 9-5 mastering the integration. I installed it 10 times, then 20, then 50 for companies from all industries and of all sizes.

Fast forward to now, almost 10 years later. 

I've created a company designed to provide the resources I needed all that time ago. I've spent the past 3 years developing Coastal Consulting into the #1 go-to agency for installing, fixing, and managing the HubSpot Salesforce integration

And now, I bring that knowledge to you. I've built a course featuring 86 videos on how to install, manage, optimize, and win with the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

This certification is designed for Marketers, Sales Ops, or RevOps professionals managing the HubSpot Salesforce integration. For professionals looking to go deeper into the technical and strategic knowledge surrounding the integration. 

When you're ready to fast-track your HubSpot Salesforce integration education so you can avoid the years of trial and error, enroll in the HubSpot Salesforce integration course. I'll see you there!


Lauren Ryan

Founder + Chief Marketing Nerd, Coastal Consulting

What You Will Learn


Understand and explain the benefits and drawbacks of the HubSpot Salesforce integration


Explain the value of RevOps and build a RevOps strategy for your team

Solution Design

Create and recommend a strategic design for the HubSpot Salesforce integration

Data Hygiene

Design and implement data hygiene measures to ensure quality data in HubSpot and Salesforce


Install and configure the Hubspot Salesforce Integration

Duplicate Data

Prevent and manage duplicate data in HubSpot and Salesforce

Sync Errors

Identify and explain integration sync errors and confidently resolve them


Build Workflows and Sequences in HubSpot and Flows in Salesforce for marketing and sales automation


Plan for and report on your campaigns and performance in HubSpot and Salesforce


Pasha Irshad

Co-founder @ Shape & Scale

Dominic Robinson

Online Marketing Manager @ Voxeljet

Sandra Grabowski

Sales Enablement Specialist @ Nuvo

Matthew Guevara

Founder @ Venn Digital Marketing LLC

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Certification Course Curriculum

Module 1 | Intro to the HubSpot Salesforce Integration (8 Videos, 62 minutes)

Salesforce is a powerful CRM, but it doesn't quite hit the mark for marketers. In this lesson, learn why HubSpot is the best marketing automation platform for integrating with Salesforce.

Module 1 Preview

Module Outline

  1. Welcome & Who is Coastal
  2. Designing a Revenue Operations Strategy
    • Guide: Revenue Operations Strategy Development
  3. Why Use HubSpot
  4. Why Integrate with Salesforce
  5. Integration Capabilities and Limitations
  6. Picking Your HubSpot Plan
  7. Designing a System Integration Map
    • Template: System Integration Map
  8. Marketing Automation Migration Milestones
  9. Building Your Implementation Team
Module 2 | Designing the HubSpot Salesforce Integration (10 videos, 38 minutes)

Before we dive into the details, let's talk about the strategy. Implementing the HubSpot Salesforce integration should be handled similarly to a CRM implementation. In this lesson, you'll learn how Coastal Consulting recommends designing the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

Module 2 Preview

Module Outline

  1. Introduction to Designing the Integration
  2. Why the Integration Needs to be Designed
  3. Key Decisions to Make when Designing an Integration
  4. Determining the Flow of Data from Marketing to Sales
  5. Coastal Consulting’s Recommended Integration Design
  6. Why Remove the Lead Object from Salesforce
  7. Understanding Opportunity-Based Inquiry Management
  8. Configuring Opportunity-Based Inquiry Management
  9. How to Report Using Opportunity-Based Inquiry Management
  10. How and Why to Use Sales Hub with Salesforce
Module 3 | Preparing Salesforce Data for the HubSpot Integration (7 videos, 40 minutes)

Now, for the fun part—data compliance. Data in HubSpot and Salesforce are subject to additional documentation and compliance standards. Learn how to prepare your data in Salesforce before integrating with HubSpot and avoid expensive mistakes.

Module 3 Preview

Module Outline

  1. Introduction to Data Compliance
  2. Data Compliance in HubSpot and Salesforce
  3. Data Hygiene in HubSpot and Salesforce
    • Guide: Building a Data Hygiene Process
  4. Permissioning for Marketing Communications
  5. Defining the Integration User
  6. Selective Sync for Data Partitioning
  7. Salesforce Admin’s Pre-Integration To-Dos
Module 4 | Integrating HubSpot and Salesforce (9 videos, 45 minutes)

After laying a solid foundation, we'll walk through the HubSpot Salesforce integration from start to finish. Next, you'll learn how to install the integration in your organization and explain the nuances of HubSpot and Salesforce to your team.

Module 4 Preview

Module Outline

  1. HubSpot Salesforce Sync 101
    • Cheat Sheet: Sync Settings & Nuances 
  2. Data Differences between HubSpot and Salesforce
  3. Data Compatibility in HubSpot and Salesforce
    • Cheat Sheet: Field Mappings & Compatibility
  4. Creating the Integration User
  5. Configure Selective Sync
  6. Understanding Inclusion Lists
  7. Install the HubSpot Salesforce Integration
  8. Add the HubSpot Visualforce Component to Salesforce Page Layouts
  9. Assigning the HubSpot Permission Set
Module 5 | Getting Started with the HubSpot Salesforce Integration (13 videos, 72 minutes)

The work's not complete once the integration is installed. In this lesson, you'll learn how to build data hygiene automation, import data into HubSpot, and keep the integration up-to-date!

Module 5 Preview

Module Outline

  1. Getting Started with the HubSpot Salesforce Integration
  2. HubSpot Lifecycle Stage Deep Dive
  3. Workflow: Basic Data Hygiene Automation
  4. Workflow: Marketing Contact Automation
  5. Workflow: Build Salesforce Lead & Contact Property in HubSpot
  6. Workflow: Link to Salesforce from a HubSpot Contact
  7. Workflow: Automate Lifecycle Stages in HubSpot
  8. Workflow: Automate Lead Source Attribution
  9. Workflow: Manage New Contacts in HubSpot
  10. Import Data into HubSpot
  11. Understanding HubSpot User Permissions
  12. Importing Salesforce Users into HubSpot
  13.  Add and Update Fields in the Integration
Module 6 | Managing Duplicates in HubSpot and Salesforce (6 videos, 46 minutes)

Duplicate records are a harsh reality in all CRMs. But, the impact can be even worse when you have duplicates in two CRMs. Learn how to find and remove duplicate records in HubSpot and Salesforce.

Module 6 Preview

Module Outline

  1. Introduction to Duplicate Records
  2. What Makes a Duplicate Record
  3.  How Duplicate Records are Created
  4. Find Duplicates in the HubSpot  Salesforce Integration
  5. How to Deduplicate Records in the HubSpot Salesforce Integration
  6. Use Insycle to Deduplicate HubSpot and Salesforce Records
Module 7 | Resolving Sync Errors in HubSpot and Salesforce (9 videos, 27 minutes)

While using the HubSpot Salesforce integration, you're bound to run into a few sync errors. Luckily, HubSpot surfaces these errors for you and links directly to the issue so you can resolve them quickly (without a developer!). In this lesson, you'll be introduced to each of the eight HubSpot Salesforce Integration Sync Error categories and learn how to fix the most common sync errors!

Module 7 Preview

Module Outline

    1. Understanding Sync Errors
    2. Association Sync Errors
    3. Solving Custom Code Sync Errors
    4. Solving Duplicate Sync Errors
    5. Solving Permission Sync Errors
    6. Solving Picklist Sync Errors
    7. Solving Property Mapping Sync Errors
    8. Solving Property Value Sync Errors
    9. Solving Other Sync Errors
      • Cheat Sheet: Common Sync Errors Solved
Module 8 | Automating HubSpot and Salesforce (14 videos, 105 minutes)

You chose to integrate HubSpot and Salesforce for a reason! Likely, the marketing and sales automation. 🤩  In this lesson, you'll learn how to use workflows and sequences in HubSpot and Flows in Salesforce to accomplish your automation goals!

Module 8 Preview

Module Outline

  1. Intro to Marketing and Sales Automation
  2. HubSpot Workflow Anatomy
  3. Workflow Triggers
  4. Workflow Actions
  5. Workflow Goals
  6. Workflow Settings
  7. Using Workflows with Salesforce
  8. HubSpot Sequences Overview
  9. Introduction to Salesforce Flows
  10. Webinar Workflows in HubSpot for Zoom and GoToWebinar
  11. Create a Sequence for Inbound Website Leads
  12. Automate Sequences with HubSpot Workflows
  13. Automating Lead Assignment
  14. Automating Lead to Account Assignment
Module 9 | Reporting in HubSpot and Salesforce (6 videos, 31 minutes)

You've put in the work, now it's time to wrap it up with a bow and show off your results! In this lesson, you'll learn how to use campaigns in HubSpot and Salesforce to track marketing performance and build dashboards to really wow your team.

Module 9 Preview

Module Outline

  1. Developing a Marketing and Sales Game Plan
  2. How to Scope Reports
  3. Navigating Campaigns in Salesforce and HubSpot
  4. HubSpot Standard Reporting
  5. HubSpot Attribution Reporting
  6. How to Scope and Build Dashboards
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Explore the Certification Course

A Preview of the Certification Experience

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9 Video-Based Modules

High-quality videos scripted and produced by a HubSpot Certified Trainer with 5 active Salesforce Certifications and 10 years of experience with the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

Preview - Certification Course Videos

In-Depth Videos

Learn the theoretical and tactical parts of the HubSpot Salesforce integration with system walkthroughs and step-by-step instructions.

Certification Quizzes Preview


Test your knowledge with check-ins following each of the 9 modules. When you've passed all of the quizzes, you'll receive a certificate of completion!

Meet Your Teachers

The team behind this career-changing course!

Sawyer Klein
Sawyer Klein
Marketing Automation Manager
Maura Barton
Maura Barton
HubSpot Operations Specialist
Micah Allen
Micah Allen
Jr Salesforce Administrator

Why Learn with Coastal Consulting

Coastal Consulting is a people-first learning organization specializing in the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

Certified Experts

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Questions You May Ask

What are the certification course details?
Here are the specs of the HubSpot Salesforce Integration course. The course is $499/license and includes the following:
  • 9 Modules
  • 86 Videos
  • 9 Quizzes
  • 8 hours
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
What are your qualifications?

We are a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner and a Salesforce Consulting Partner. We hold 40+ HubSpot Certifications and are Certified Salesforce Administrators. We've been in the HubSpot Salesforce integration game for 10+ years and pride ourselves on our ability to tackle even the messiest of integrations. Not convinced? Check out our reviews on the HubSpot Directory and our case studies

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

We're happy to help! Email us at or book time with Lauren here.

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