Implement Revenue Operations

Aligning internal teams around customer-focused goals proved to be such a challenge that an entirely new discipline was created to support it - RevOps!

RevOps Expertise


Revenue Operations Strategy

How do you align disjointed teams and systems?

We will help you find the root cause of your alignment issues and rally your internal teams around your customer. You will walk away with a well-documented RevOps strategy powered by automation in HubSpot and/or Salesforce.

Evaluate RevOps tech stack

Technology Stack

How many systems are your team using? And... which are actually working?

We will interview your team to understand which systems are actually driving value for your business and see how we can consolidate tools and maximize the potential of the platforms you're invested in.

Customer Lifecycle Optimization

Lifecycle Optimization

Your customer journey doesn't stop once the deal is won. And it doesn't start when the intro call is booked.

We'll partner with your team to understand your customer lifecycle and optimize your full funnel for conversion and lifelong customer satisfaction.

RevOps Reporting

Reporting and Analytics

First party data is the most powerful asset you have. If you don't have a strong system for compiling data and compelling reports to present the data for analysis, you're really going to struggle in connecting with your customer.

We will help you find the story that your data is telling and build dashboards enabling your team to address your customer's needs faster. 

RevOps Automation

Automating the Customer Experience

Removing friction from the buying process is the key to RevOps success. Manual lead intake, triage, and deal progression drains your marketing and sales bandwidth and leaves your customer's experience vulnerable to delayed data updates, mistakes, or abandonment.

We will work with your team to implement thoughtful automation to remove friction at each stage of the customer experience.

Our Approach

We're a small team focused on removing friction from the customer experience by implementing RevOps practices for teams using HubSpot and Salesforce.

Don't just take our word for it

Hear what our clients have to say.

"Lauren and her team are a great partner for any team. In a recent highly-technical, highly-customized Salesforce/HubSpot environment, Lauren provided clear, concise direction. As a consultant myself, I have a lot of respect for that ability to communicate complex topics in a concise manner. Also, she was extremely easy to work with, from scheduling to email responsiveness. There were a few topics that came up that were not in their wheelhouse, and honestly it was refreshing. I don't expect everyone to know everything, but I do expect transparency, and Coastal Consulting delivers, big-time."
"Lauren is extremely knowledgeable. I had worked with her a few years back with another company and she is just as professional and helpful as I remembered. Lauren knew how to find the best solutions for any request my team had in HubSpot. She was invaluable to our effort to start fully tracking our inbound efforts."
"Lauren is an expert at her craft and was able to move the needle on some deep-rooted systems work for our organization. Lauren navigated our custom Salesforce<>HubSpot integration with ease and built solutions to enable our sales team to migrate from operating primarily in Salesforce to HubSpot. Along the way, she educated us on the underlying challenges with our setup, provided multiple options for the pathways forward, and collaborated with our team and consultants on next steps. She provided trainings and recordings that our team and future staff can use moving forward. The information sharing and education gleaned from our partnership were invaluable. We look forward to working with Lauren again soon!"
"Lauren has been a dream to work with - after one conversation, it was clear how well she knows her stuff when it comes to both Salesforce and HubSpot. It's very difficult finding an agency or other third party who knows both tools as well as Lauren did, and for a very fair price. Thank you for all your help!"
"Lauren and her team at Coastal have been great to work with, they helped Therapy Brands revamp their Marketing to Sales automations and have streamlined our use of HubSpot to allow us to get the most of our tools!"
"Lauren at Coastal Consulting took time out of her day to share some tips with me for how to best tackle custom reporting in HubSpot. I'm pretty comfortable in HubSpot, but custom reporting can be a bit overwhelming. She not only gave me some tips, she walked through a few of my actual examples, took screenshots, and sent them to me as a follow-up as a foundation. So helpful, thank you so much Lauren!"
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