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We're a people-first learning organization transforming B2B sales and marketing teams into HubSpot and HubSpot Salesforce integration masters

"Coastal Consulting values each and every one of their employees. They encourage you to learn and grow in the career that you are passionate about!"
"Solving problems & making clients' lives easier is what the job is all about. And that's why I love it."
"My professional life is better now than it ever has been before. By far."

Learn how it all started and where we are today.

March 2021

One woman had enough

After one too many poor management interactions, our founder, Lauren Kennedy, handed in her resignation and registered for a LLC.

Founding Coastal Consulting
March 2021
April 2021

One became two

Faced with rapid growth, Lauren brought on employee #1, Tristan Schuler.

April 2021
May 2021

HubSpot Solutions Partner

With years of experience, Lauren decided to make it official and became a HubSpot Solutions Partner.

May 2021
July 2021

HubSpot Gold-Level Partner

Among the top 1% in partner growth, Coastal Consulting quickly rose in the ranks of the HubSpot Partner Program.

July 2021
August 2021

Two became many

As Coastal Consulting continued to grow, the team expanded to 3, then 4, then more!

Coastal Consulting Team
August 2021
September 2021

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Dedicated to becoming the #1 preferred provider for the HubSpot Salesforce integration, Coastal Consulting joins the Salesforce Partner Program.

Salesforce Consulting Partner
September 2021
November 2021

HubSpot Platinum-Level Partner

Youngest US agency to achieve Platinum-Level status in the history of the HubSpot Partner Program

November 2021
April 2022

2022 Technical Expertise Award

After a year of raising the bar for the HubSpot Salesforce integration, Coastal receives the Q1 Technical Expertise Award for North America.

April 2022
What’s Next

#1 preferred partner for the HubSpot Salesforce integration

As we grow, our services will expand to better meet your needs surrounding the HubSpot + Salesforce integration. Think custom apps, actionable courses, and even more services to support your team in HubSpot and Salesforce.

Create stellar
Delight our
Content for the HubSpot Salesforce Integration
HubSpot Salesforce Integration Partner
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    Coastal Culture

    What it means to be people-first

    A truly people-first organization prioritizes the people that work for them and the people that they serve equally.

    This is an abrupt departure from the culture that prioritized the needs and wants of the person paying the bill above reason, logic, and the people providing the product or service. The people-first approach seeks to achieve something that’s unfamiliar to many of us these days — a mutually beneficial compromise.

    People-first organizations set reasonable expectations for their customers while appropriately challenging their team to meet goals, grow as a people, and earn a profit. They understand that wants are not needs and that people are not resources. They live their brand rather than hiding behind it.

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