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How To: See Salesforce Campaign Member Status in HubSpot

The disconnect between HubSpot Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns is confusing for teams using the HubSpot Salesforce integration

HubSpot Campaigns show the collective performance of marketing assets associated to a Campaign, while Salesforce Campaigns show Campaign Members (Leads and Contacts) and their associated status within the Campaign.

In summary, HubSpot Campaigns focus on marketing asset performance and influence. Salesforce Campaigns focus on Lead and Contact activity towards a certain goal. HubSpot is more marketing-focused, and Salesforce is more sales activity-focused.

One challenge commonly faced is filtering HubSpot Contacts by Salesforce Campaign Member status. The Campaign and Campaign Member objects in Salesforce do not sync to HubSpot, nor do they sync to HubSpot campaigns. So, how can you see Salesforce Campaign Member status in HubSpot?

Salesforce Campaign Membership in HubSpot

The native integration allows you to see the Salesforce Campaign IDs for HubSpot Contacts. This shows each Campaign related to a Lead or Contact in Salesforce. But, it doesn't show you their Salesforce Campaign Member status.

Salesforce Campaign IDs in HubSpot

Salesforce Campaign Member Status in HubSpot

The native HubSpot Salesforce integration does not allow users to see the Campaign Member status in HubSpot. If your team needs to see the Campaign Member status in HubSpot to trigger Workflows, create lists, or run reports, we've created a workaround using a Salesforce Flow and a custom property. 

How to See Campaign Member Status in HubSpot


This workaround enables you to filter HubSpot Contacts based on Campaign Member status. Here are the steps outlined in the video above.

  1. Create a multi-select picklist on the Lead and Contact object in Salesforce.

    Name this field "Responded Campaigns." Ensure the API value for the field is the same on the Lead and Contact object so the field can sync to one HubSpot property. When creating the Salesforce fields, uncheck "Restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set."

  2. Create a multi-checkbox property in HubSpot.

    Name this property "Responded Campaigns."

  3. Add this property to the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

    Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Connected Apps > Salesforce > Contacts > Add New Field Mapping > Select Responded Campaigns > Select Always Use Salesforce > Save > Sync Gradually > Done

  4. Create a Record-Triggered Salesforce Flow.

    Trigger the flow using the Campaign Member object when the Campaign Member status = Responded.
    Use a Decision Element to determine if the Campaign Member is a Contact or a Lead.
    Add an Assignment Element to store the current values for "Responded Campaigns."

  5. Test & repeat for each Campaign Member status you'd like to sync to HubSpot.

Flow to Set Campaign Member Status Field in Salesforce

Get Support with the HubSpot Salesforce Integration

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