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HubSpot Salesforce Activity Sync

Syncing activities in the HubSpot Salesforce integration is a quick and easy process. Once your Salesforce integration user has the right permissions, syncing activities between HubSpot and Salesforce is as easy as flipping a switch. 

Understanding the HubSpot Salesforce Activity Sync

Salesforce activities include tasks and events. Salesforce tasks are supported in the native HubSpot Salesforce integration. All HubSpot activities that sync to Salesforce will sync to Salesforce as tasks in the activity timeline. Unless the HubSpot activities are assigned to a user that is synced with a Salesforce user, the tasks will show in Salesforce as assigned to the integration user. All tasks aside from open tasks that HubSpot created for a sales rep to complete will be created as closed tasks in Salesforce.

These HubSpot activities are included in the HubSpot Salesforce Activity Sync:

  • Form submissions
  • Marketing email sends/opens/clicks
  • Sales email sends/opens/clicks/replies
  • Meetings scheduled
  • Calls made
  • Notes created
  • Sales content viewed
  • Tasks created
  • Events from installed integrations

Activating the HubSpot Salesforce Activity Sync

To activate the activity sync in the HubSpot Salesforce integration, navigate to the integration settings in HubSpot. Click the Activities tab and toggle the switch next to “Salesforce task sync” to the “on” position. 

HubSpot Salesforce Activity Sync Settings

If you click on the Activities tab and see the error message below, your Salesforce integration user is missing a specific permission for the Activities sync. 

Error Message Preventing the HubSpot Salesforce Activity Sync

This is an easy fix. Head to Salesforce and open the Profile settings for the Profile assigned to the HubSpot Salesforce integration user. Click on the Task permissions and click “Edit.” Check both boxes next to the Type field at the very bottom of the Task settings and click Save. Wait up to 15 minutes for the sync to refresh, and the error message will resolve itself.

Update Salesforce Integration User Settings for the HubSpot Salesforce Activity Sync

Create Salesforce Tasks from HubSpot

Once the HubSpot Salesforce activity sync is enabled, you can create tasks in HubSpot for Salesforce users to complete in Salesforce. You can create tasks manually in HubSpot, automatically using a HubSpot Workflow, or by importing a spreadsheet of tasks into HubSpot.

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