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How to Prepare for a HubSpot Salesforce Integration Repair

Overview: HubSpot Salesforce Integration Repair

How is the HubSpot Salesforce integration configured?

The Salesforce integration is an app found on the HubSpot App Marketplace. Most HubSpot apps can be easily installed and configured without further attention or maintenance. The HubSpot Salesforce integration is a little different. Although it can be quickly installed and configured, the out-of-the-box steps are unlikely to lead you to long-term successful integration. While most apps can simply be installed, the HubSpot Salesforce integration must be implemented to work correctly.

When is a HubSpot Salesforce integration repair needed?

A repair is needed when implementation either wasn’t performed, wasn’t performed correctly, or hasn’t been maintained since the initial implementation. 

Here are a few indicators that an integration repair is needed:

  • Duplicate companies in HubSpot
  • Sync errors over a month old
  • 50+ sync errors in HubSpot
  • Data deleting in HubSpot or Salesforce
  • Form submissions and incoming leads not showing in Salesforce
  • Attribution data not sent to Salesforce from HubSpot

What maintenance is required for the HubSpot Salesforce integration?

Once the HubSpot Salesforce integration is installed, an average of 5 hours of work will be needed weekly to maintain the integration. It’s important to have a designated internal integration owner with Admin access to HubSpot and Salesforce. If you don’t have an internal resource that can manage the admin side of both HubSpot and Salesforce, consider outsourcing HubSpot Salesforce integration maintenance

Here are the tasks that go into maintaining the HubSpot Salesforce integration:

  • Adding and updating field mappings for properties in HubSpot to match fields in Salesforce
  • Monitoring and resolving sync errors in the HubSpot Salesforce integration
  • Investigating why records or data isn’t syncing on a case-by-case basis
  • Creating reports in HubSpot and Salesforce to ensure key metrics match
  • Coordinate with the Salesforce Administrator on any system updates, automation changes, or field changes that may impact HubSpot

What is a HubSpot Salesforce integration repair? 

A HubSpot Salesforce integration repair is a 2-8 week project designed to fix the challenges your team is facing with the HubSpot Salesforce integration. This project includes identifying current challenges, creating a plan to solve them, implementing the plan, and training your team on what was done. After this project, your team will feel confident in the data passing between HubSpot and Salesforce and feel empowered to properly maintain the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

How to Prepare for a HubSpot Salesforce Integration Repair

Complete these steps before working with a HubSpot and Salesforce partner to fix the HubSpot Salesforce integration.

  1. Align with the HubSpot and Salesforce administrators. Both of these roles are important when repairing the HubSpot Salesforce integration. Sometimes, large changes are needed in HubSpot and/or Salesforce to get these tools to work properly. Owners of both systems should be involved in this process.
  2. Evaluate sync errors. Before engaging a professional, review the sync errors in the integration health panel in HubSpot. See if there are consistent errors that the HubSpot or Salesforce administrator can resolve in-house. Sometimes, solving a sync error is as simple as clicking Resync.
  3. Assess the duplicate issue. Duplicate Contacts and Companies are a pervasive issue in the HubSpot Salesforce integration. Review how to manage duplicates in the HubSpot Salesforce integration and use tools like Insycle to determine how many duplicate records you have.
  4. Compile Examples. If you have a messy instance, it can feel overwhelming to list all your challenges. Before engaging a team to help you with the HubSpot Salesforce integration, list issues you’re experiencing with specific examples. This should include links to the records that aren’t syncing and screenshots or screen recordings. This will help an expert get you help faster.

How to Get Started with a HubSpot Salesforce Integration Repair

Once you’ve determined you need help with the HubSpot Salesforce integration, it’s time to find a partner to support you. HubSpot and Salesforce both have a partner program. To join the partner program, agencies must meet certain requirements and achieve specific certification milestones. However, each agency is different, and having partner status in the HubSpot or Salesforce partner programs does not mean all agencies support the HubSpot Salesforce integration. 

When choosing an agency to support your HubSpot Salesforce integration repair, be sure they have experience working with the technical pieces of HubSpot and Salesforce. Installing the integration properly and repairing the HubSpot Salesforce integration requires specialized expertise in both HubSpot and Salesforce. 

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