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HelloSign Integration with HubSpot | Close Sales Quickly

Eliminating friction across your sales pipeline is one of the many things that makes HubSpot such a unique tool. Whether automating Workflows for internal tasks or setting up granular taxonomies to tag and organize leads, HubSpot is the perfect all-in-one marketing tool. 

However, even if HubSpot’s Quoting tool lacks certain features, users can easily make up the difference through any number of integrations, such as a Zoom webinar or the HubSpot Mailchimp integration

Integrating HelloSign with HubSpot allows you to incorporate contract proposals and eSignatures directly into your Workflows, enabling your sales team to close contracts quicker and remove friction from the closing process.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the various ways HelloSign integrates with HubSpot and list some benefits of this integration to help you scale your business. 

HubSpot HelloSign Integration Features

Integrating HelloSign into HubSpot allows you to access all of the features you love in HelloSign directly in HubSpot. If you’re already an active HelloSign and HubSpot user, then this integration is a no-brainer. 

However, if you do not currently have a standalone eSignature tool and would like to incorporate one into HubSpot, then performing a HubSpot and HelloSign integration will give you access to several features, such as:

  • Send signature requests to Contact, Deal, and Company records 
  • Send contracts without leaving HubSpot
  • Autofill contract documents with drag-and-drop data pulled from HubSpot records
  • View when users have viewed, signed, or declined a contract inside the HubSpot CRM card
  • Create contract templates directly in HubSpot
  • Save all documents and templates within HubSpot 
  • Integrate contract proposals and signatures directly into your existing Workflows 
  • Send reminders for pending signatures to contacts in HubSpot

Integrating HelloSign into your HubSpot CRM is incredibly easy. Simply click the Marketplace icon, search and install the HelloSign App, log in with your HelloSign credentials, and click Connect App. Once complete, you’ll have full access to all HelloSign’s features without ever having to leave the HubSpot CRM again. 

7 Benefits of a HubSpot HelloSign Integration

Let’s discuss some benefits users can leverage below once they complete their HelloSign and HubSpot integration. 

  1. Keeps sales funnels and deals running smoothly

    One critical area of functionality that HubSpot has always lacked has been the ability to send out contracts and incorporate them into Workflows using third-party software. However, the HelloSign integration eliminates this problem, allowing users to incorporate contract reach out directly into workflows. 

    First, this ensures contracts are signed, sealed, and delivered, and your business is paid–integrating HubSpot and Quickbooks is an easy way to keep track of accounting. Secondly, automating signature requests also helps clients agree to contracts faster and eliminates any second thoughts they might have waiting to sign the contract. Finally, this also helps your business appear more professional and can establish your relationship on a positive foot.  

  2. Sign and complete contracts without leaving HubSpot

    The HelloSign HubSpot integration eliminates the need to toggle between two different platforms and gives you the best of HelloSign’s native functionality directly in HubSpot. Not only does this save time from manual reach out using third-party platforms, but it also ensures that contracts will always be delivered promptly to leads about to convert. 

  3. Eliminates manual follow up

    Look at any business’s analytics, and you’ll probably see that shopping carts and checkout are the highest sources of abandonment. 

    Unfortunately, lots of mistakes can occur when you manually email contracts to clients, whether it’s using poor grammar in emails or even delivering emails at a wrong time that get buried in inboxes. HelloSign allows you to use pre-generated templates free of grammatical errors and will automate email delivery to ensure that emails are delivered at an appropriate time and place. 

  4. Auto-fill contracts with contact info from HubSpot

    Creating contracts can be a massive time suck at any business, especially if you agree to a large statement of work. HubSpot saves you time by auto-populating fields based on contact records directly inside HubSpot’s CRM. 

    This means whenever a contract is ready to be sent, HubSpot will pull data from their contact card, including business names, email addresses, etc., to populate these fields and save you time and from error. 

  5. Close sales quicker

    Cash flow is important to any business, and HelloSign helps you close contracts quicker. Not only will HelloSign auto-deliver contracts to contacts via HubSpot, but it will also follow up on pending signatures and cancellation requests to ensure leads are closed or abandoned quicker. In turn, this ensures that your business receives steady cash flow at the close of contracts and does not wait weeks or months to start an engagement. 


  6. Stay up to date on signature statuses

    HubSpot lets you view who has received, signed, or declined a contract directly inside your HubSpot portal. From here, users can either send a manual email reminding contacts that their signature is required or automate a follow-up to all pending requests inside their CRM. 

  7. Easy integration

    Finally, integrating HelloSign with HubSpot is incredibly easy and straightforward. Unlike a HubSpot Salesforce integration that requires lots of configuration and consulting, integrating HelloSign into HubSpot is as easy as installing the marketplace app on your CRM. 

    For help configuring your HelloSign HubSpot integration or managing your HubSpot account, schedule a free consultation

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